A month of specialized ASO webinars
Professional training on working with App Store Optimization: from beginner to specialist
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Asodesk Academy
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Asodesk Academy
One month of training
live lectures with the most up-to-date data and case studies
Access to tools
Specialist certificate
free access to the Asodesk platform
based on the results of coursework and testing
In-depth training for ASO specialists
ASO involves a set of actions that help improve the visibility of a mobile app or game in the App Store and Google Play, as well as increase installations.

A qualified ASO specialist should not only be able to work with text and visual optimization, but also conduct A/B tests, manage localization, automate processes, and evaluate work efficiency. We provide a comprehensive knowledge base on App Store Optimization and offer the opportunity to apply that knowledge practically so that after the course, you are a qualified and in-demand specialist.

Asodesk Academy is the most in-depth, practical training option for ASO specialists!

$65,000+ per year
average salary of ASO specialists (according to searchenginejournal)
up to 1 year
potential search-time for a qualified ASO specialist (according to Asodesk)
At the moment, enrollment for the course is closed. Leave a request and we will contact you as soon as it is open again.
Boris Khorkov
Head of Marketing, VocApp
The Asodesk Academy course helped me answer many questions, which would have taken far longer to figure out alone. They offer a summary of the most relevant knowledge that is useful not only for young ASO specialists but for everyone who works with mobile apps. Everything I learned, I put into practice — as a result, my app got into the App Store top 10 for a whole bunch of keywords.

I would also like to acknowledge how information was presented. The lectures are interesting and provide a lot of great examples. Highly recommended!
Why work with ASO
of users go to the App Store to find the app they need (according to Apple)
of traffic on the App Store is search traffic (according to Apple)
of traffic on Google Play is search traffic (according to Tune)
higher retention rate of organic users after 30 days with active ASO (according to Appsflyer)
Who is Asodesk Academy for?
We even teach those with no background in ASO and mobile app marketing
For marketers and product managers
If you are in the app promotion business and haven't yet explored the potential of organic traffic, this course will help you lower your installation costs.
For future ASO specialists
If you are just getting started or haven't really gotten into ASO yet, this is where you will learn all the essential ASO skills.
For Indie developers
You can learn how to attract more users to the app. You will be able to independently perform ASO, increase conversion, install numbers, and app revenue.
Corporate training
You can send your employees for corporate training, which will be faster and cheaper than looking for ready-made specialists on the market.
Gorbach Veronika
Stark Games
Asodesk Academy is by far the most comprehensive ASO knowledge base. I would like to note the well-structured and consistent lectures with practical examples and the online Q&A format.

The Academy is suitable not only for beginners but also for practicing managers because ASO is an iterative process that is constantly changing and improving. I went through several Asodesk Academies and really enjoyed my Asodesk experience!
What will you learn?
At the moment, enrollment for the course is closed. Leave a request and we will contact you as soon as it is open again.
Ksenia Soboleva
Black Bears, UA Manager
Before finding the Asodesk Academy, I had been working in this field for about a year. I decided to take the course because I wanted to understand ASO capabilities and tools better, as well as improve my qualifications. Studying at the Academy was easy for me, most likely because of my previous work experience. Their approach to teaching is great, speakers always pay attention to your questions. After the course, my income increased and I started feeling like a more valuable member of the team.
Learn from experts in ASO and mobile app marketing
  • Sergey Sharov
    Co-founder at Angle Connect
    App Store Optimization Expert
    Co-founder at Asodesk
    Since 2013 Sergey has worked at ABBYY and focused on App Store Optimization. Sergey is the author of several courses: he launched the ASO Academy, ASO Online Conference, and a series of meetups for ASO specialists. Sergey also launched Asodesk, an all-in-one platform for growing app businesses using ASO tools, reply management tools, and analytics. 50,000+ app developers trust Asodesk.
  • Artiom Tkaczuk
    ASO Expert, Asodesk
    ASO manager, Onde.app
    Works with platforms for creating branded taxi apps and other on-demand services. Artiom is an Asodesk blog columnist and a speaker at different profile conferences. He knows all the secrets of App Store and Google Play ASO in different countries.
  • Ekaterina Sibirko
    ASO Team Lead, G5 Entertainment
    Five years of experience in ASO: Fotochat, Gambino Slots, Megapolis, Wild West: New Frontier, Flo Health, G5 Entertainment.
    ASO conference NY 2019 Nominee:
    (2019) — Megapolis
  • Elizaveta Komarova
    Customer Success Lead, Asodesk
    Elizaveta joined the ASO field right after she graduated from university. After three years of working in the company, she has gone from manager to leader. She endeavors to create maximum synergy between the client and the company.
Andrey Fomochkin
The Asodesk Academy provides very cool and high-quality content for ASO professionals, product managers, and specialists in related fields. All speakers are top ASO experts from the CIS. I am constantly learning new things, even though I have been in the mobile business for over four years. Thanks to Asodesk and their speakers for the regular courses! See you next time!
Course program
Training consists of 9 lectures
At the moment, enrollment for the course is closed. Leave a request and we will contact you as soon as it is open again.
The first Asodesk Academy for English-speaking audiences was held in June, 2021. Students learned how to optimize applications for different platforms, build a semantic core, do ASO in different languages, form hypotheses, measure effectiveness, and analyze competitors. This course includes practical tips and cases from ASO experts. To find out how it was, you can watch the recordings for free.
Previous Asodesk Academy recordings
ASO specialist certificate
Confirms that you have completed the course and becomes your additional qualification when applying for a job
Koltsyna Maria
I never thought that I would work in the IT field because I thought that I'd have to study for a long time or have some kind of talent for that. The Asodesk Academy helped me master a new and interesting profession from scratch. This is truly amazing because I spent 5 years getting a degree and in the end, I was never satisfied with my field of work. The knowledge I gained from this course inspired me to go even further. I got my ASO Specialist certificate and found a new, interesting job.
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Learn to optimize apps, scale to new markets, measure performance, and increase install conversion.
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At the moment, enrollment for the course is closed
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More feedback from our students
Maxym Kunchev
Thank you for the course; I loved the content! All information was well-structured and taught step-by-step, so it was possible to work through each section thoroughly and understand everything. I could ask the teacher questions online, which was very helpful. Well, and most importantly, after the course, I knew exactly how I can promote my app to the top. I really wish someone had taught me all this a couple of years ago :)
Artyom Linnik
I would like to thank the Asodesk Academy mentors for their time and work. Thanks to the Academy, I now know how ASO works on different platforms — and I know more about all the features on these platforms. As participants, you will learn how to increase your marketing power for free, how to generate and test growth hypotheses, and how to find and analyze competitors.

I would encourage anyone who is involved in mobile development and has not heard about ASO to sign up for the Academy. To everyone who has already started the course, I wish you success 🙂
Dmitry Romazanov
SEO/ASO manager
Studying at the Academy gave me a comprehensive view of optimization in stores.

The quality of education is excellent. Each teacher is a practicing expert with many years of experience, so the theory was supported by real case studies.
Andrey Zolotukhin
General Manager
Central Hosting LLC
As a specialist who came from SEO, having been in the field for about 10 years, I really liked the presentation of the material and the structure of the webinars, as well as the insider's view of ASO that was provided. The lectures only included the necessary information while feedback from the teachers was always great! Thanks to everyone from Asodesk.
Vitaly Ivanchikov
An excellent course, even for those who already have experience in ASO. We studied each topic in as much detail as possible and covered most of the questions. Special thanks for the chat with experts, where a lot of case studies were discussed in great detail. I felt like we were in the same boat and were dealing with each problem and complex issue together.
Nadya Yanochkina
User Acquisition Manager
I want to say a big thank you to the Аsodesk Academy and for my certificate. A lot of useful information, a very full and productive course. Good luck with all future projects! :)
Alexandra Risunkova
The lectures were extremely useful, and not a single question was left unanswered. The topics of the main course were covered 110%. I liked that I could message lecturers on Telegram and ask all of my questions. The lecturers were great, and all information was accessible. They always went the extra mile to explain everything to the newbies. It was nice to listen to lectures from Asodesk partners — they often shared case studies from their work, which I found very useful.

The feedback was particularly great. Special thanks to the organizers of the Academy! They answered my questions really quickly and resolved any organizational issues in a matter of minutes.

10 out of 10! The organizers and lecturers are so great! Thank you very much.
Alexander Korolev
Thanks to the academy for the great course. I started ASO with zero knowledge and learned everything I needed to start a career in the field! The rest is just about practice!)

Special thanks to the curator, Artyom Tkachuk, for meticulously answering all of my questions (I had many) and helping me to figure everything out!

Thank you, it was very interesting!
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