A week of specialized
ASO webinars
Deep immersion in the profession. Training with real examples. Everything that an ASO specialist should know.
Asodesk Academy
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Training is based on real projects using advanced technologies.

Series of 10 webinars focused on the App Store Optimization.
We want as many people as possible to know the world of ASO and become valued specialists.
You will get access to webinars and special Slack-chat.
Main features
Training in practice
Theory will be provided, but practical work with real projects is the emphasis. Analysis of real cases, work with tools.
Feedback and communication
Students will have access to a chat room where they can discuss lecture materials, consult with a teacher and other students. This will increase practical experience and help students to become well-connected.
Training + tools
Training is based on the ASOdesk App Store Optimization (ASO) platform. We offer favorable terms for the period of study and for subsequent work.
No need to travel to another continent to get first-hand answers to your questions.
Artiom Tkaczuk
ASO expert at Asodesk
ASO manager, Onde.app, platforms for creating branded taxi applications and other on-demand services. Over 200 applications in 75 countries. The number of active users is more than 1.3 million people.
Among his clients are Tirhal (Sudan), PassApp (Cambodia), Kaiian (Saudi Arabia), Otaxi (Oman).

Artiom has been engaged in ASO for 2 years, he is an ASOdesk blog columnist, and a speaker at different profile conferences. He knows the secrets of App Store and Google Play search engine optimization in different countries.
Ekaterina Sibirko
ASO Enchantress at Flo.health
Experience in ASO 4 years: Fotochat, Gambino Slots, Megapolis, Wild West: New Frontier, Flo Health

ASO conference NY 2019 Nominee:
(2019) — Megapolis
At ASOdesk Academy you can study even with zero ASO knowledge
ASOdesk Academy recordings
The first ASOdesk Academy for English-speaking audiences was held in June. During one week our students mastered all the intricacies of app store optimization. Students learned how to optimize applications for different platforms, build a semantic core, do ASO in different languages, form hypotheses, measure effectiveness, and analyze competitors. This course includes practical tips and cases from ASO experts.
New Asodesk Academy
coming soon

You will learn how to optimize applications for different platforms, build a semantic core, do ASO in different languages, form hypotheses, measure effectiveness and analyze competitors. The training is suitable for: Indie developers, Product & Marketing Managers, Novice ASO specialists.
After training
You can quickly carry out a qualitative analysis for any mobile application in any country. No trial and error or reading contradictory forums and blogs. You will be able to consciously choose one or the other approach and justify your choice at every step.
All participants will receive a certificate after the Academy. Write your name correctly during the registration.
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Questions and answers
Is the training free?
Yes, we want as many people as possible to get to know the ASO world and become knowledgeable specialists. Therefore, this time we are conducting the training for free.
What will I receive as a result of training?
As a result of the training, you will get a complete picture of ASO: you can quickly conduct a qualitative analysis for any mobile application in any country, consciously choose an approach and justify your choice at every step.
Will I get a certificate?
After completing all the lectures, we will send you a personalized certificate from ASOdesk Academy.
Are the lectures given in the form of recordings or online webinars?
Lectures will take place in the form of live online webinars. All materials will be made available after lectures for future reference.
What if I missed a lecture?
No problem, all the materials, a brief description of the lecture and homework with a detailed description will allow you to catch up.